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Schroefdraad Rollen Machine
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Schroefdraad Rollen Machine

This machine is mainly used for rolling various precision external thread, high strength standard parts, including ordinary thread, trapezoid thread and module thread.
  • ZC28-6.3

YTMTOOLS Thread Rolling Machine: Schroefdraad Rollen Machine

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 Product Description

YTMTOOLS hydraulic thread rolling machine has various models, suitable for processing engineering threads such as scaffolding, auto parts threads, mechanical parts and other cold-rolled thread processing. The specifications of the thread rolling machine can be customized. Factory direct shipment.

 Product Parameters

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-YTMTOOLS ZC28-12.5

With our Thread Rolling Machine, threads, splines or molets are produced more quickly than during CNC machining. All of our machines fast and precise thru-feed operations.

Max roll pressure
300KN Workpiece thickness Less than 2mm
Max rolling diameter Φ30-Φ120mm length Unlimited
Max diameter of rollers Φ120-Φ210mm Hydraulic Power 3.175kw
Inner diameter of roller Φ75mm Active Power 11kw-6
Max thickness of rollers Φ120mm Cooling power 125w
Axis tilt angle ±3° Total mass 3900kg±50kg
Activities spindle feed rate 20mm/s Dimensions 2500×1500×2100mm

 Machining Parts

2-Rolls Machining Parts

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Thick-lead-screw-640-640
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Scaffolding-thread-head-640-640
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Scaffolding-top-support-640-640

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Scaffolding-Thread-Fittings1-640-640

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Thread-Rolling-Parts-Display-640-640
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Thread-Rolling-Parts-Display-640-640 (1)
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Thread-Rolling-Parts-Display-640-640 (2)
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Thread-Rolling-Parts-Display-640-640 (3)

3-Rolls Machining Parts

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-3-Rolls Machining Parts
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-3-Rolls Machining Parts (1)
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-3-Rolls Machining Parts (2)
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-3-Rolls Machining Parts (3)


Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Fastenings Manufacturers

Fastenings Manufacturers

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Automotive Components manufacturers

Automotive Components manufacturers

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Construction Contractors

Construction Contractors

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Machinery Distributors

Machinery Distributors

 Machine Details

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Control Panel

Control Panel

The main system of thread rolling machine, digitally setting the precise size of the processed parts, and expert training on the whole operation.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-synchronous drive shaft system

synchronous drive shaft system

The 2 axis rotates synchronously and in the same direction, and the accuracy of the synchronization determines the accuracy of the Schroefdraad Rollen Machine.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Pure Copper Motor

Pure Copper Motor

Pure copper motors are more than 5 times the service life of ordinary motors, with stable electrical conductivity, which is the biggest foundation for hydraulic stability.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Thread rolling machine Thread Rollers

Thread rolling machine Thread Rollers

Precision thread rolling wheel, according to the workpiece professional recommended size, support customization.

 Quality Certificate

YTMTools Hydraulics Thread Rolling Machines has many international quality certifications, such as CE, ISO9001, GB/T19001, etc.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-certificate1-640-640
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-certificate2-640-640
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-certificate3-640-640

 Machinery Exhibitions

Participate in China International Machinery Industry Expo, arouse the interest of the majority of customers, there are professional personnel responsible for answering questions.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-MACHINERY EXHIBITIONS
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-MACHINERY EXHIBITIONS
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-MACHINERY EXHIBITIONS

 Visit Ytmtools

Every year, many customers from all over the world come to the YTMTools factory to visit and test. Countries like Russia, Spain, Chile, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

 Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Chilean customers

Chilean customers visited the factory andpurchased 3 Z28-200 thread rolling machines.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Argentine customer

Visit the Argentine customer who is famous for our products and buy the Z28-500 thread rolling machine

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Pakistani customers

Pakistani customers visit the factory and become our distributors, selling YTMTOOLS thread rolling machines locally

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-American customer

The American customer visited the factory, approved our products, and purchased the Z28-500 hydraulic thread rolling machine.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Australian customers

The Australian customers visited the factory, personally tested the Z28-200 plus automatic feeding system, and purchased a set of equipment on the spot.

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-Australian customers

Friends from Sri Lanka, trained on-site by technicians with more than 20 years of experience, and purchased 2 Z28-200 hydraulic thread rolling machines.


Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-YTMTOOLS factory gate

Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-YTMTOOLS hydraulic thread rolling machine loaded into the port
Schroefdraad Rollen Machine-YTMTOOLS factory hydraulic thread rolling machine is available from stock

YTMTOOLS specializing in manufacturing machinery and equipment such as hydraulic thread rolling machine for more than 20 years.

2014-2022 Exported countries has been expanded, especially with Russia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Serbia, Chile, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, etc.
2010 – 2 die, 2 head moved, PLC controlled Thread Rolling Machine has been designed and produced.
2006 – Railway Bolt Thread Rolling Machines design and production has been completed.
2005 – First export of first 3 die thread rolling machine achieved.
2004 – 3 die Thread Rolling Machines’ design and production made.
2003 – made expansion to European market.
2002 – Started production of column type with inclation adjustment in Thread Rolling Machines.
2001 – First 3 rolls thread rolling machines export has been achieved.
1998 – In November YTMTOOLS has been established in Xingwan, Ren County, Xingtai, Hebei.


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