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Electric Forklifts
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Electric Forklifts

Models: YTM-EF15,YTM-EF16, YTM-EF18,YTM-EF20, YTM-EF30, or customization.
Capacity: 1.5 ton ~3ton
Lifting height: 3000mm - 6000mm
Application: YTMTOOLS 4-wheels electric forklift, efficient handling era, suitable for various factories, warehouses, logistics storage and unloading, short-distance stacking and moving back and forth.

Product Description

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Details:
Models: YTM-EF15,YTM-EF16, YTM-EF18,YTM-EF20, YTM-EF30, or customization.
Capacity:1.5 ton ~3ton
Lifting height: 3000mm - 6000mm

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Featuers:

1. Humanized design: The ergonomically designed control handle can be easily operated by either hand to improve driving comfort.
2. Easy to operate: The longer control handle greatly reduces the strength required to control the car and makes the control more cumbersome.
3. Wide range of applications: The width of fork and fork leg is adjustable, suitable for various pallet operations.

Product description

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Productivity


Advanced Drive System - Rapid acceleration, smooth directional changes, precise speed control and handling are just a few advantages of the electric counterbalanced forklift’s AC drive system. Performance features such as travel speed, acceleration rate and regenerative braking response can all be customized to your application for ultimate control..

All AC Hydraulic System - All AC hydraulic system provides smooth load handling and precise load placements. Hydraulic cushioning is built into the mast staging function to minimize unnecessary shocks to the truck and to the load.

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Green and efficient

Green and efficient

Longer running time-YTMTOOLS four-wheel electric forklift truck with its excellent performance and energy-saving design, equipped with permanent magnet motor Anqing Bridge, stable power, longer operation time, no oil, 1 degree of electricity for 1 day.

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Ergonomics


Spacious operator compartment-The combination of a spacious compartment and superior comfort features helps to increase the efficiency and productivity of the operator.
Ergonomically adjustable seat-The full suspension seat can be easily adjusted to meet the unique preferences of the operator.

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Super load

Super load

The capacity of YTMTOOLS new energy electric forklifts ranges from 1000 Kg to 3,000 Kg.
Models include:

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Lightning delivery

Lightning delivery

In the YTMTOOLS factory, there are a large number of spot models, which can be shipped at any time after placing an order to ensure the delivery time.



Every year, many customers from all over the world come to the YTMTools factory to visit and test. Countries like Russia, Spain, Chile, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States, Pakistan, Vietnam, Philippines, etc.

Industry Solutions

large Huge distribution warehouse

Large Huge Distribution Warehouse

Logistics warehouses unload goods

Logistics Warehouses Unload Goods

Short distance and high back and forth handling

Short Distance And High Back And Forth Handling

Warehouse Distribution Center

Warehouse Distribution Center






YTMTOOLS machinery factory

YTMTOOLS machinery factory

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Lightning delivery

YTMTOOLS Electric Forklift Lightning delivery

YTMTOOLS, Xingtai Yutong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., located in Xingtai, Hebei, China (China's excellent machinery manufacturing town), specializing in manufacturing electric forklifts, hydraulic thread rolling machines and other mechanical equipment for more than 40 years. The annual export of thousands of sets, exported to the United Kingdom, the United States, Sweden, Norway, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Thailand and other more than 50 countries.