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YTMTOOLS Automatic Stirrup Bending Machine
The forming of stirrups is completed by a YTMTOOLS CNC steel rebar bending machine, which can achieve continuous work in processes such as opening, straightening, bending, cutting, and collecting stirrups, and achieve automated production of stirrup products.
1. Experience huge cost savings of up to 36%!
2. The processing speed is as fast as lightning, only
3.7 s/pcs, easily produce 1,900-2,500 pcs/H (double wire) stirrups.
3. Operated by one person, it can
replace up to 30 workers, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.
4. Save up to
$350 per day and pay for your machine in one month!
E-mail: ytmtools@gmail.com     WhatsApp: 86-13223286372

NO.2 & NO.3 Overlord Stirrup Bending Machine

1. PLC programmable control system can automatically complete steel bar straightening, sizing, hoop bending, cutting and other processes.
2. Bending max diameter is 13mm, can continuously produce any flat shape.
3. After 50+ improvements, the accuracy and precision of bending are improved, the speed is faster, the material is saved, which meets the actual needs of steel bar processing and production.