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What caused the frequent occurrence of machine tool accidents?
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What caused the frequent occurrence of machine tool accidents?

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I. weak awareness of employees' own safety

2. The manufacturer did not strictly implement the national production safety standards

Lack of first aid knowledge

The following is the safe operation process of the machine tool:

1. Employees should establish the idea of "safety first", consciously accept safety education, learn safety knowledge and ensure safe production.

2. Safety operation rules should be strictly implemented in the production of wire rolling machines to avoid various accidents

Employees of production posts must wear labor protection articles according to the regulations, and personal clothes are strictly prohibited.

4. The security personnel of the workshop should earnestly perform their duties, check the implementation of the safety production system at any time, and stop the illegal operation and risky operation.

5. Electrical and mechanical equipment failures shall be eliminated by professionals, and non-professionals are strictly prohibited from handling them by themselves.

6. In principle, it is forbidden to use open fire in the factory. If it is really necessary to start a fire, the leader shall be invited to supervise the power fire site.

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