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Uses Of Reinforced Straight Thread Rolling Machine
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Uses Of Reinforced Straight Thread Rolling Machine

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The thread rolling head thread stop ring gauge, length gauge and other rolling machines use cutting and rolling screw text forming at one time to reinforce the reinforcement end and thread processing, which solves the problem of pretreatment of the reinforcement end before processing. , And the problem that similar equipment needs to be rolled multiple times, so that the process work and multiple rebar handling are reduced on the site, and the on-site production and processing efficiency is improved; the thread rolling machine uses a rolling head to achieve rolling of various specifications of rebar. Processing, which solves the situation that the same type of equipment needs a thread rolling head of each specification for the straight end of the steel bar. The rebar thread rolling machine uses internal coolant, which solves the problem of chip removal during the rolling process. It has high automatic intensity, automatic feed, automatic shutdown, and automatic shutdown. Reinforced rib straight screw twisting and rolling machine is a special equipment for processing straight steel screw heads of steel bars. The ends of steel bars are rounded by stripping assistants, and then the hollow steel bars are rolled with straight threads by three hollow thread rolling wheels to achieve the straight bar Quality requirements for thread forming. Steel bending cutting machine supplier share with you:

 Steel Bar Thread Rolling Machine

 Steel Bar Thread Rolling Machine

How to use steel bar thread rolling machine

(1) Huai Bei before processing

1. Connect the power and ground wires as required, and turn on the power. The power supply is a three-phase 380V 50Hz AC power supply. To ensure personal safety, please use an automatic switch with leakage protection function.

2. In the cooling liquid tank, add enough soluble cooling liquid, it is strictly forbidden to add oily cooling liquid)

(2) Trial rotation of empty car

1. Turn on the power. Check if the pump works properly.

2. Operate the button to check whether the electrical control system works normally.

(3) Adjustments before processing

1. According to the diameter of the steel to be processed, change the wire roller to the diameter of the processing.

2. While changing the rolling wheel, change the washer suitable for the pitch of the rolling wheel to ensure the correct pitch.

3. After the thread rolling wheel is adapted to the processing diameter, insert a tool setting rod suitable for the steel bar into the center of the rolling head, adjust the thread rolling wheel to contact the tool setting rod, pull out the tool setting rod, tighten the screw, and press The ring gear prevents it from moving.

4. For the equipment with fixed positioning plate, according to the diameter of the steel bar being processed, exchange the positioning plate that matches the processing diameter (the processing diameter is printed on the positioning plate). For equipment that can adjust the positioning disc, adjust the scale of the positioning disc to the corresponding scale. When the rib stripper is worn, it needs to be micro-cycled.

5.According to the specifications of the processed steel bar, adjust the position of the stripping stroke stop to ensure that the stripping length reaches the required value.

4) Workpiece clamping

The steel bar to be processed is clamped on the centering jaw, and the extended length should be squeezed against the end face of the rolling head stripping blade at the starting position, and then the handle is clamped.

5) Operation process

1. Turn on the power, open the water valve, and press the forward start button to turn the feed handle to feed the workpiece to achieve cutting. When the stripping length reaches the requirement, the rib stripper will automatically open and rotate. When the handle is continuously fed, the rolling thread can be realized. When the thread rolling wheel is connected with the steel bar, it must be forced and the main shaft is rotated once. The axial feed length is a pitch length. When the feed reaches a certain level, automatic feed can be realized. It will stop automatically after the entire rolling process is completed. Press the reverse start button to achieve automatic withdrawal.

2. Turn the feed handle clockwise after the automatic knife retreat to return the rolling head to the initial position. At this time, the rib stripper will automatically reset. Remove the finished workpiece.

3. Check the length of the thread with a ring gauge. The error is within the range. At the same time, check the size of the wire head with the thread through gauge.

4. When rolling is reversed, firstly replace any two positions of the rolling wheel in the rolling head; then change the position of the travel switch back and forth to ensure that the stroke remains unchanged.

5. When rolling is fine, press the forward start button, turn the feed handle to feed the workpiece in the direction to achieve cutting. When the rib stripping length reaches the requirement, the rib stripper will automatically open and stop the feed. After the stop button is pressed, the reverse button is pressed, the rolling head rotates in the reverse direction, and the feed is continued from the handle, and the reverse thread can be rolled. When the rolling wheel is connected to the steel bar, it is necessary to use force and turn the spindle. One week, the shaft sentence feeds a pitch length. When the feed reaches a certain level, automatic feed can be realized until the entire rolling process is automatically stopped. Press the forward rotation start button to realize automatic retraction.

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