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Rebar bending machine operating procedures
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Rebar bending machine operating procedures

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The steel bar bending machine belongs to the improvement of the steel bar bending machine structure. The utility model includes a reducer and a large gear disk surface, which is characterized in the structure: a two-stage brake motor is directly connected to the reducer for first-stage reduction; the small gear meshes with the large gear for two-level reduction; the large gear always drives the curved disk surface to rotate The curved disk surface is provided with a central shaft hole and a plurality of curved shaft holes; the positioning square bars of the work surface are respectively provided with a plurality of positioning shaft holes. Because the two-stage brake motor is directly connected to the reducer for one-stage deceleration, the ratio of input and output revolutions is accurate, the bending speed is stable and accurate, and the speed can be changed automatically using electric control, and the brake can ensure the bending angle. Use the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to bend the rebar in both directions. The central shaft is replaceable for easy maintenance. Can adopt intelligent control. Foreign brands are OEM production, rarely a full set of imports

First, the installation of the steel bar bending machine must be solid and stable, maintain a horizontal position, and have a reliable foundation. The worktable and the curved worktable should be kept horizontal. Before operation, check the mandrel, forming shaft, iron shaft, variable rack for cracks or damage. The protective cover is firm and reliable. It can be operated only after it is confirmed to be normal by air running.

Second, the required diameter and bending radius of the installed processing steel mandrel, forming the shaft, the shaft speed or variable speed iron frame, the mandrel diameter should be 2.5 times the bar diameter.

Third, be familiar with the operation direction inverted switch control operation of the rotating disk, and to place rebar fence, the rotational direction of the disc cooperating work can not be inserted backwards.


Steel Bar Bending Machine

Fourth, change the direction of rotation of the disk work must be carried out after the shutdown, from forward - stop - reverse, not directly from the True Story - reverse or from reverse - True Story.

Fifth, the job will need to bend a reinforcement inserted in a fixed gap turntable, the other end of the body against the fixing pin, and pressed by hand to check the safety body side fixing pins indeed steel block before start.

Sixth, bar bending machine operation to replace the mandrel, and forming the axis conversion angle and speed, fuel or prohibited during the cleaning operation.

Seventh, bending steel, should be the maximum limit in terms of mechanical nameplate diameter mandrel and the corresponding exchange, shall not exceed a predetermined bar diameter, and the number of predetermined mechanical speed machine.

Eighth, is prohibited in the operating radius of the bend of steel and the body does not stand on the side of fixing pins. The bent semi-finished products shall be stacked neatly and the hooks shall not face upwards.

Ninth, after work, it should be stored well finished. Clear the site, cut off the power, and lock the lock box.

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