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Operating rules of wire rolling machine
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Operating rules of wire rolling machine

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Operators must check and clean the machine tools in each shift, and do a good job of daily maintenance, so as to achieve orderly, clean, lubrication and safety.

1. Keep machine tool appearance neat, clean, without yellow robe, grease, rust. Keep machine parts and main accessories complete and clean.

2. Keep machine tool working area and foot pedal clean and tidy. Keep all guide surfaces and sliding surfaces clean and lubricated; Check all guide surfaces, working surfaces and sliding surfaces for damage.

3. Keep the oil quantity of all parts of the lubricating system adequate, the oil road unimpeded, the oil mark (window) conspicuous, and the lubrication equipment clean and complete. Check the oil storage, lubrication and piping (including cooling system piping) for leakage.

4. Keep electrical appliances, limit and interlock devices safe and reliable.

5. Carry out timely maintenance of equipment as required and make records. Record when filling in the form on time every month.

6. No unauthorized modification of the equipment (including any annex to the ministry) is allowed.

7. Before working, check whether the rotating parts of the machine tool are normal, whether the protective device is complete, and whether there are any surplus materials on the working face, and add oil to the lubricating parts. Confirm no problem before operation.

8. The screw roller must be installed in a safe way. When adjusting and replacing the roller, the machine must stop.

9. It is not allowed to loosen the screws of all parts when turning the knife, and tighten the nut after adjustment.

10. The operator must concentrate his energy and keep his hands away from the spinning position to prevent the hand from pressing.

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