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Introduction to the Operation and Operation of Thread Rolling Hydraulic
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Introduction to the Operation and Operation of Thread Rolling Hydraulic

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The hydraulic thread rolling machine supplier shares with you: the cold rolling process is an advanced non-cutting process that can effectively improve the internal and surface quality of the workpiece, the radial compressive stress generated during processing, It can significantly improve the fatigue strength and torsional strength of the workpiece, and is an ideal process with high efficiency, energy saving and low consumption.

1. Depending on the task status of the switch, you can choose between active rolling, pedal rolling, and manual rolling. Active repetitive form: start the hydraulic generator, move the switch to the active position, and identify the active roll forward time and forward stop time according to the hydraulic demand. At that time, the taxi seat is under the action of the hydraulic pressure grasped by the travel time relay. Feeding activities, the taxi seat is under the control of the forward stop time for the forward stop activity. Pedal-type repeating form: Plug the foot cord connector, this often interrupts the task. Use the pedal to lower the electric switch. The sliding seat is under hydraulic pressure to perform the movement. The seat is turning back under hydraulic pressure.

2. When installing the thread rolling wheel, the thread rolling machine should be cleaned with a wheel rod. When transporting the thread rolling wheel, discern the wheel support and remove it, and install the thread rolling wheel on the wheel rod. The thread rolling wheel is adjusted to the required axial position. The end surfaces of the two thread rolling wheels should be adjusted to a certain extent. The sealing ring is combined between the thread rolling wheel and the bearing of the support seat to prevent the thread rolling axis from shifting.


Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

3. The support seat should be at the core position. As the diameter of the rolled workpiece changes, the position of the support seat also needs to be changed. Mobility methods: Grasp the two flow nuts, move the support seat to the required position, and tighten the nut Just fine.

4. The support block is installed under the support seat, the top is welded with hard alloy, grasp the support block to tighten the nut, and increase or decrease the cushion at the bottom of the support block to move the support block up and down, and then tighten the nut, the support block is rolling Play a major role in the pressure process. What is included in the work adjustment of hydraulic thread rolling machine? The manufacturer of thread rolling machines, talks in detail:

1.Adjustment of the machine

Change the automatic manual switch position of the electrical control box, you can choose automatic or foot rolling.

Automatic cycle rolling: Turn the rolling button of the electrical control box to the automatic position. At this time, the movable thread rolling shaft reciprocates under the control of the time relay.

Manual rolling: Turn the rolling switch of the electrical control box to the manual position, and then press the manual rolling switch. The movable thread roller can work.

Foot rolling: Turn the rolling switch to the manual position, and the movable thread roller can work under the control of the foot switch.

2.Installation of rolling wheel

Unscrew the hex screws of the threaded shaft shaft head cover, remove the front bearing seat of the threaded shaft to install the threaded roller, and adjust the axial position of the threaded roller with a spacer or fine adjustment.

3.Spindle speed adjustment

The thread rolling machine has two pairs of exchange gears to change the spindle speed. When adjusting the speed, open the conversion gear box cover on the inside of the transmission and replace the transmission gear with the required number of revolutions.

4.Adjustment of spindle tilt angle

If you need to adjust the angle of inclination of the two spindles, loosen the turntable fixing screw, rotate the turntable to drive the spindle to the required position, and tighten the turntable fixing screw.

5.Adjustment of T-shaped bracket and support block

The position of the T-shaped bracket is adjusted according to the diameter of the rolling wheel and the diameter of the rolling material. Loosen the two fixing screws on the T-shaped bracket to move the T-shaped bracket to an appropriate position.

The supporting block used on the bracket is welded with cemented carbide and ground through grinding. The surface of the cemented carbide should be smooth and straight. The choice of the width of the supporting block is related to the diameter of the workpiece being processed.

6.Adjustment of T-shaped bracket

The T-shaped bracket is used to support the workpiece and keep it in a correct position between the two rolling wheels for rolling. (If special specifications of T-shaped bracket or support block are required, please prepare by the user).

The T-shaped bracket of the machine is fixed at the center position below the two thread rolling shafts. As the diameter of the workpiece changes, the position of the support also changes.

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