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How to choose a cost-effective rolling machine?
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How to choose a cost-effective rolling machine?

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As a widely used cold extrusion forming machine, the thread rolling machine is mainly used for thread, straight and twill rolling; straight, helical and oblique spline gear rolling; straightening, reducing diameter, Rolling and various forming rolls. At present, the thread rolling machine is divided into a two-axis thread rolling machine and a three-axis thread rolling machine. The three-axis thread rolling machine is favored by customers because it can not only process a variety of tubular threads, but also is suitable for various knurling, reticulating, straight lines and other operations. Therefore, many customers are very concerned about how to choose a cost-effective thread rolling machine.

In fact, many people think that the high price is good, this is under ideal conditions, but the reality is that the level of the rolling machine industry is uneven. Therefore, for the thread rolling machine, if you only judge from the price is obviously not a wise choice, whether it is said that people do not know how to do it, or that people are more foolish. So how do you choose? Look at these aspects.

The workpiece to be machine

dAfter all, buying equipment must meet the needs of the production of its own orders, so choose the size and pitch of the workpiece to be processed. The diameter of the * steel bars and small steel bars used on the construction site like your construction.


Thread Rolling Machine

Shop around

We know that the goods are not worth the loss, compare several products, and find out the difference in their price allocation by comparison. Generally speaking, the same level of products, in the same configuration, the general price difference will not be too outrageous, if the difference Too big is not a lot of accessories, it is the difference between the materials and processes used. Like China's intelligent mechanical cloud platform, it is possible to compare the parameters and prices of the same product selection, so as to select a three-axis thread rolling machine with high cost performance.

Manufacturer selection

Because one can produce a good quality automatic thread rolling machine, such manufacturers generally have three performances: compliance with quality assurance quality inspection mechanism, better after-sales service, and sufficient production capacity of the manufacturer.

The three-axis thread rolling machine is a comprehensive reflection of factors such as material composition, organization and manufacturing process. It is necessary to strictly follow the provisions of the "Product Quality Law", "Product Quality Supervision and Inspection and Management Measures" issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, and random sampling at the time of production to further ensure product quality. Therefore, a regular and strong manufacturer will abide by the quality assurance quality inspection mechanism. After-sales service is very important for consumers, because it is impossible to buy a piece of equipment, and there is nothing wrong with the production process. Therefore, the after-sales service points are spread as wide as possible, so that it is convenient to repair after equipment failure. Then there is the production capacity. For many thread rolling machine manufacturers, the production capacity is not enough. After the order is reached, it has to be postponed for a long time before delivery. Therefore, the production capacity of a thread rolling machine manufacturer determines the effective guarantee for timely delivery, so it should be considered when selecting. The size of the manufacturer's capacity.

Considering these aspects, it is very helpful to choose a cost-effective three-axis thread rolling machine.

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