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How to Extend the Life of Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine?
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How to Extend the Life of Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine?

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The present era is the era of pursuing technology, and the convenient lifestyle is also the preferred lifestyle of more and more young people. This summary is reflected in all aspects of life or work. Today, let's talk about the "hydraulic" thread rolling machine that has been used in the construction industry in recent years! So what exactly is hydraulic?

The hydraulic system is mainly reflected in a series of actions of the spindle wheel feeding and rolling. All its processes are controlled by the background of the thread rolling machine. In general, the rolling machine manufacturers advocate two kinds of circulation methods: semi-automatic and automatic circulation. During feeding, the pressure is pushed into the hydraulic cylinder through the speed adjustment button to achieve the rolling action. This process can observe the pressure displayed by the pressure gauge to adjust the value required by the pressure valve. After the pressure oil enters and returns to the hydraulic cylinder after reversing, you only need to observe the reading on the display to adjust the pressure value of the overflow. Any data can be easily seen at a glance. The rolling method is also simple and effortless.

Hydraulic thread rolling machine is  the first choice recommended by many thread rolling machine manufacturers. After all, it is much more convenient to operate than traditional thread rolling machines. However, the prices of different types of thread rolling machines vary. If processing large parts, the price of the thread rolling machine will be relatively high, here we still have to decide the type of thread rolling machine according to the size of the parts processed.


Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine

The shaft wheel of the thread rolling machine is an important part of it, so if you want to extend the service life of the automatic thread rolling machine, it is best to maintain and protect its shaft wheel. Then today's hydraulic thread rolling machine supplier will sum up what behavior can't be done!

First, if the die alignment of the thread rolling machine is inaccurate, it is easy to be misaligned during operation, which not only affects the accuracy of the thread, but also causes friction and compression on the shaft wheels on both sides to damage the shaft wheels.

Second, forget to pour lubricant when rolling parts, this behavior will damage the wheels the most. Because the lubricated shaft wheel is dry and the temperature is high during operation, it will wear the shaft wheel or deform the thread of the shaft wheel.

Third, the hardness of the rolled parts is asymmetric, and the hardness of the parts corresponding to the different types of thread rolling machines is different. Before purchasing, you must make sure that the hardness of the parts corresponding to the model of the automatic rolling machine you purchased is How much, the wrong use will only cause damage to the axle wheel and waste parts.

In addition, if there are some minor problems with the shaft of the thread rolling machine, but you feel that you continue to use it without affecting the processing, this approach is wrong. This will only gradually enlarge the problem and set a precursor for future maintenance. Therefore, regular maintenance and inspection are still necessary, so that the machine can be used for a long time.

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