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How To Choose a Suitable Rebar Bending Machine?
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How To Choose a Suitable Rebar Bending Machine?

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Steel bending cutting machine supplier to share with you: To choose a suitable steel bar bending machine, we need to understand the rules of the steel bar bending machine model naming rules, such as GW40 steel bar bending machine, GW is steel The abbreviated acronym for pinyin, 40 stands for bending round steel with a maximum diameter of 40mm. Rebar is stronger than round steel, so the bending diameter of the rebar will be smaller. . Similarly, GW50 represents round steel with a diameter of 50mm, and rebar with a diameter of 40mm.

Therefore, when selecting a steel bar bender, you must first know the diameter of the steel bar to be bent, whether it is round or rebar. For example, 32mm rebar is often used in the construction industry. There is no special requirement. You can choose GW40. . If you want to bend steel bars of different diameters, you need to choose the model according to the large diameter steel bars.

Then we also need to know the level of the workers. If the workers are unfamiliar and the angle is not so accurate, it is best to use an automatic reinforcing bar bending machine, which can automatically return when bending to a specified angle, or choose a more advanced numerically controlled reinforcing bar bending machine. Manual steel bar bending machines have higher requirements on workers, and only skilled workers can bend to a more accurate angle every time. In terms of work efficiency, the numerical control steel bar bending machine, automatic steel bar bending machine, and manual steel bar bending machine decrease in order.

 Steel Bar Bending Machine

 Steel Bar Bending Machine

How To Choose a Suitable Rebar Bending Machine?

In addition, in order to make our steel bar bending machine more durable, in addition to normal use and daily maintenance in accordance with the instructions, there are certain tricks in model selection, which is to try to choose a larger model, such as bending diameter For 32mm rebar, we may normally choose GW40, but it is better to choose GW42. In this case, the chance of machine failure will be smaller, and the machine can be used for a longer time. 36mm Can use.

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