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Forming process of hydraulic thread of wire rolling machine
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Forming process of hydraulic thread of wire rolling machine

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Rolling pressure is a kind of technological method for forming the corresponding truncated bushing parts by rolling the billets of some metal materials with rolling tools with certain section shape

Therefore, hydraulic thread is a chipless d method, thread rolling machine its essence is to use some of the material under cold plasticity to add, make in roll ware limited tools produce plastic deformation under the action of pressure, hitting a corresponding thread rolling.

The process of thread rolling in a cold state has been going on since 1831. However, precision thread rolling was not widely used until 1940. This is mainly due to the fact that in the late 19th and early 20th century, the blank materials were not suitable for rolling. With the improvement of billet material mechanical performance, and higher precision of hydraulic tools and process performance of the successful development of thread rolling machine, screw rolling machine thread rolling processing technology to get more popular, and the wind can sodium in carbon, alloy steel (including > stainless steel, tool steel, bronze, brass, aluminum, and drill, different items such as nickel, powder metallurgy and plastic materials, for all types of parts (such as tap, engine anchor bolt and dynamic moth, the spindle and screw thread, screw thread on the hollow thin-walled, etc.) for all kinds of thread rolling processing (including precision thread).

In the process of hydraulic thread, the processed thread is the result of metal redistribution of the blank piece extruded by the working thread of the rolling tool.

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