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Do You Know The High-Quality Steel Wire Bending Machine?
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Do You Know The High-Quality Steel Wire Bending Machine?

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High quality bending machine manufacturer to share with you: Rebar bending machine belongs to an improvement of the structure of steel bending machine. It includes reducer, big gear, pinion, and curved disc surface. It is characterized in the structure: the two-stage brake motor is directly connected with the reducer for first-stage reduction; the pinion and the big gear mesh for two-stage reduction; the big gear always drives bending The disk surface rotates; a central shaft hole and a plurality of curved shaft holes are provided on the curved disk surface; a plurality of positioning shaft holes are respectively provided on the positioning square bars of the worktable surface. Because the two-stage brake motor is directly connected to the reducer for one-stage deceleration, the input and output speed ratios are accurate, and the bending speed is stable and accurate. The brake can guarantee a bending angle of 90. °, 135 °. Use the forward and reverse rotation of the motor to bend the rebar in both directions. The central shaft is replaceable for easy maintenance.

Intelligent high-quality steel wire bending machine is suitable for the construction of various common carbon steel, rebar and other geometric shapes required for engineering. Rebar bending machine, because of its simple structure, reliable operation and sensitive operation, can bend the steel bar into various shapes required in bridges and construction projects, so it is welcomed by construction, bridge prefabrication plants and construction site operators.

High-Quality Steel Wire Bending Machine

High-Quality Steel Wire Bending Machine 

The machine operation and maintenance are very simple, and therefore more compatible with current building construction.


Equipped with high-quality accessories, thicker panels, steel bearing covers, steel disc square bars, thickened volutes, thickened worms, all-steel solid external wheels, GB copper wire motors, generous bearings, thickened feed rollers, Steel finishing attachment.


1. Before using the new machine, add 8-12 kg of gear oil to the gear box.

2. Do not bend the large-diameter steel bars with small-diameter mandrels.

4. When the equipment is practical for about 200 hours, the new oil should be replaced once, and the inside of the machine cavity should be cleaned with diesel before changing the oil.

5. After using the machine for a period of time (1000-1200 hours), the work www.price8.com should be exchanged for 180 degrees to extend the service life of the machine.

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