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Analysis of common problems of thread rolling machine
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Analysis of common problems of thread rolling machine

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The thread rolling machine is a multi-functional cold rolling forming machine which can perform thread, straight and twill rolling on the workpiece under the cold state of its rolling pressure. The rolling of straight, helical and diagonal spline gears Straightening, reduction, rolling, and various forming rolls. So do you know its principles and solutions to common problems? Let's take a look with the thread rolling machine manufacturer.

The working principle of the thread rolling machine:

Two threaded sticks are used to knead the machined workpiece so that the outer surface of the part is plastically deformed to form a thread. Because the thread is the episode of plastic deformation, its strength is better than the thread of the cutting attack.

Analysis of common problems with thread rolling machines:

First, roll out or silk

1. The rotation direction of the rolling head is not correct; the specifications of the rolling head are inconsistent with the steel bars; 2. The order of the positioning sleeves is incorrect; the order of the rolling heads is correct; 3. The rollers and the positioning sleeves are damaged.

Second, do not start

1. Open, reverse, always stop at the closing; the power supply is out of phase; 2. The thermal protector plays the protective role, the insurance burns out; 3. The wiring falls off, the transformer has burned out; 4. The control line contact is damaged or the contact is bad. 5, check stop button, whether there is loose wire; whether the button contact is good; 6, check whether the limit contact on the front of the device is good, contact, line, insurance is damaged (transformer in and out of the insurance. )


Thread rolling machine

Third, no anti-car (reverse)

1. The front travel switch is broken (about 7000 times); the time delay relay does not work; 2. The clamp block pressure travel switch is not enough distance, the clamp pressure is not in place or the jam is damaged; 3. The wiring is off; the contact is not in contact or Damage; 4, check whether the front limit contact is not in place, whether the closed point is disconnected, whether the open point is closed and the time relay opening point is closed; 5. Check the limit behind the machine, whether the closed point is disconnected, check the line Point, whether the line is loose, bad contact, damage, disconnection, etc.

Fourth, chess wire: start counterclockwise peeling, rolling, and wire back.

Fifth, order of changing the gasket inside the wire wheel: clockwise: thick and medium thin, the outer gasket is thin and medium thick.

Sixth, fine-tuning the size: after the six internal angle screws (or three hex screws) behind the loose roller head, use the adjustable wrench to fine-tune the size.

Seventh, length of the wire: Adjust the distance of the block on the double stroke switch.

Eighth, adjust the length of the leather: adjust the square seat on the retracting shaft.

Nine, car reverse wire

1. The gaskets in the rolling wheel are installed in reverse order; 2. The button switch is turned upwards; 3. The machine is turned counterclockwise to peel the skin. Press the button on the button to turn the button clockwise, and then the counterclockwise wire is removed.

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